(This is an ongoing group)  meeting once each month during the winter. Our next circle is on November 29th at 7pm

Please, DM or text to join in.


$25.40 per person

 We will work with the “Knowing Field” to determine what will serve all.

There is a healer within each and every one of us.  That healer within may need to be awakened, the pathway may need to unfold or the relationship may need developing or deepening.  There are no standard peg holes that fit everyone’s healer.  Each individual’s healer will show up in its own way.  It will work and perform with a uniqueness of its own essence.  The unfolding process will be its own journey.  This workshop will ignite that awakening, help you to connect with and or deepen that relationship with teachings to enable each individual to encourage that process to continue to unfold.

Since 1995, I have been lucky to spend much time honing my abilities in order to help others.  I am very grateful, and am truly excited for the future of what I will be able to offer you.  In 2012, I  received a compelling vision that showed me that I am ready to turn the page and begin on an exciting new chapter in my life – to teach others how they may become healers themselves in workshops that I am currently offering.  In my workshop, the teachings are evolved and are all about awakening the healer within; the healer which everyone possesses.  Sometimes it needs a little bit of direction and encouragement to flower and become its own unique healing ability, which becomes a direct reflection of you, the healer.  My workshops are geared towards allowing you to flower as a wonderfully inspired healer – one with their own set of “tools”, unique to you and your ability.  I don’t simply tell you everything I know, and tell you there is only one way to heal, which happens to be my way.  I teach you the skills you need and show you how to create your own rules for your own way of healing which is both unique and genuine to you.

I hope that you will consider joining me on what will be a profoundly awakening journey.  If you are considering participating in an upcoming workshop, I invite you to look below for my up and coming workshops.


Tracy Rae Moore



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