Guided Meditation CD


Accessing the Power Within – A Guided Visualization Meditation CD

This is a journey within your body that invites awareness and acceptance and can lead to a profound shift. Users have experienced pain reduction, focus (so that life does not overwhelm), better sleep, body awareness, validation and relaxation.

Please feel free to listen to the samples and read more about them below:


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Meditation Introduction

On this CD there are three meditations. The first one is approximately ten minutes long. The next two are twenty-five and forty minutes respectively. Depending on how comfortable you are with your own body, I recommend that you begin with the ten minute or twenty-five minute ones first. Then move on to the forty minute one, at your own pace. Each of these meditations will begin with a guided journey to the inside of your body. If you have a particular part of your body that has been giving you pain or some kind of difficulty, you may choose to make that your desired destination for one or more of your meditations. You can simply make decision when you begin a meditation. Just make that your desired that your intention each time. Or maybe you would like to allow youyr body to decide what is in your best interest. Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit for. At some point in the meditation, some music will begin. Throughout the full meditation, including the journey, allow yourself to just notice the environment. You may have some thoughts . Simply let them be. There is no need to stop or direct them in any way. In addition, things may not look the way you might have imagined the inside of your body to look. Let that not matter. It may want to tell you a story. If so, there is a possibility it may not make sense to you. Again let this not matter. The simple act of observing without judgement or the need to change anything gives it space and allows for transformation.


Sample: Introduction

Sample: 10 Minute Meditation


Here’s What Others are Saying

“I very much enjoyed this meditation. It felt like the music touched different parts of my body. It totally relaxed me. I managed to get a very deep and sound sleep afterward.”
~ Surindar

“Tracy’s meditation is a loving invitation for me to explore my inner reality. Her gentle guidance has helped me create a large space for me to open myself to the experience of my personal journey. I feel accepted and supported as I explore at my own pace. Listening to Tracy’s meditation tape has given me a welcome place of ritual where I can recieve the nourishment and insights of my unconscious mind.”
~ Brett Haughian

“I am the type of person that never meditates, or even relaxes for that matter. This meditation is so easy and it seems to take me back in time. It is very relaxing. I love it.”
~ Debbie

“While I did the meditation, I felt much more in touch with my body. I am impressed.”
~ Fay




Music from Body-field Sound Healing CD by David Gibson & Harry Massey can be purchased on or from US Distributor, Intergrative Life Solutions, Inc.
Artwork, patient assistance and support by Angel Downs
Recording by Mathew Walsh
Thank you to my partner, John Davies, and my friends for all of
thier assistance and support. I want them all to know how much I appreciate them.~♥~