Family Constellation

What is Family Constellation?

If an ancestor had a trauma that they were unable to process, it gets stuck in the system. Then because we want to belong and to help, we pick up that baggage, on a subconscious level. A Family Constellation helps us put that baggage down and still belong and get the support and blessings from our ancestors.

    • Family Constellation: $65.00 / hr

Here is a list of prices.

Meditation CD $19.95
Energy Clearing Bath Salts  $19.95
Any process $65 per hour
Pendant & Ear Cuff
 (Depending on what it is infused with)
Journal $189
Wands – Small $252
Wands – Medium $371
Wands – Large $450
Picture $63
Virtual Spot on a piece  $108
Everything Else includes: $371
Magic: Boxes
Piggy Banks
Metaphysical: Teapots
Biscuit Pots
Candy Dishes
Salt &  Pepper Shakers
Enchanted: Perfume
Incense Burners
Soap Dishes
Other: Unification Fields
Fairy Gardens