Chronic Pain Solutions


Do you have Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain?

If so you will find alternative solutions here!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 16 – 17 years ago now. My condition has improved dramatically over the years with the various things I have learned and done in response to it.

First of all, I would like to share some general things I have found helpful. I have many of my own pendants working on me regularly.  I have found laughter to be so important.  Try to laugh as much as possible, and try to let them be a belly laughter as much as possible. I have discovered that massage in general does very little for me but shiatsu is very helpful. There is a product called “Ribose” that helps your muscles to repair themselves.  It also helps with energy.  If you can learn to listen to what your body may be trying to tell you through the pain, you will find things improve dramatically.

I have discovered that Fibromyalgia and other similar conditions have multiple contributing factors.  Many of them overlap but are still separate factors.  Below is a list of contributing factors that I have discovered and what I have found to be of benefit.

Contributing Factors to Fibromyalgia & Solutions


Smoking – This can cause pain in multiple ways.
I am no longer a smoker.

Alcohol – Alcohol can create an illusion that it is helping with pain, but it is an illusion.
I no longer drink alcohol.

Environment – Physical – the air you breath & the water you drink
the water I drink is very alkaline and the molecules are broken down so that my body’s cells can absorb it.

Allergies – including food & odour sensitivities – I have discovered that most individuals with Fibromyalgia have a sensitivity to gluten
my body has many food sensitivities and when I stay away from those foods I can feel the difference in my body.

Lack of circulation
There is a particular brand of clothing, called Thermo Flow, that can improve one’s circulation. They can be purchased at Mark’s Pharmacy on Cambie at 41st, in Vancouver. They are expensive, though. – I have an outfit of it.

Lack of sleep
There is a homeopathy remedy that is very effective for sleep.  It is called “Sleep On”.

Getting parasite cleanses are helpful; also, if you can make your body reach a good ph balance, it is also helpful.

Fibromyalgia somehow seems to prevent the production of enzymes
I take multiple digestives regularly with food and without.  There is an enzyme called “Serrapeptase” that helps to repair the scar tissue.

Intestinal yeast infection (yeast on this level can also cause anxiety and mood swings)
I take probiotics, and drink kombutcha regularly.  Getting your body to a more alkaline ph balance would also take care of this.

Leaky Gut Syndrome (This is caused by extreme parasites or yeast)
Apple cider vinegar, and probiotics help, in addition to the other things above.

My diet (food intake) greatly effects how well I feel.

I attempt to drink as much water as I possibly can.  At least one litre a day.

Medications including antibiotics which cause intestinal yeast
I attempt to take the least amount of medications possible.

Drugs – can create the same illusion as alcohol, but both put toxins in the body (among many other factors)
I now know that taking drugs does not serve me.  It will only make the problem go away temporarily, and create new problems, as well as make present health problems worsen.

Body’s ph balance is too acidic
the body functions best for healing when it has a more alkaline ph balance.

Toxins – We get toxins from things we would not even remotely think of, or imagine.  Toxins get stuck in cells
cleanses, and soaking in a bath of Epsom salts and Himalayan sea salts, also help the body to cleanse itself.

Too much ungrounded electricity in the body
I sleep on a sheet which grounds the electrical energy in my body.

Not listening to one’s body
I have learned to pay attention to what my body is saying.

Spine being twisted – When a person experiences a trauma that jars the body, it throws off their balance.  When in survival mode, the body aims to do whatever it can to get the eyes level again.  That usually means throwing something else out of whack.  As a result, the spine ends up twisting.
– There is a chiropractic treatment, called the “ABC” that unwinds this process.  Of course, this takes time but it moves it forward.  There are only two Chiropractors in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland which are very helpful in this area.  They are as follows: Dr. Chen – (604) 323-8900.  He is located at approximately 41st & Victoria in Vancouver, BC.


Resistance to “what is”
attending meetings and retreats with a man named John DeRuiter.  His website is

Environment – Emotional
I do my best to make sure I feel safe in my environment.

Being a Victim in life
I am not a victim in my life because I see everything that I have been given as a gift.

Anxiety & fears
Anxiety and fears have less power when they get acknowledged.  There are also many techniques that can assist one when dealing with fears.  I offer things here on my site or you could look at any of the other types.

Belief Systems
There are many techniques that one can use to address belief systems.  I offer some options here on this site; there is also another incredibly helpful exercise called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), among many other helpful techniques.

Conflicting intentions
being aware of your unconscious default intentions and then addressing it with one of the many techniques, such as a master walk or working with the energy.

Suppressed Emotions
can be triggered by triggers from family, relationships with partners or friends, and work.  All emotional issues can be addressed with any one of the multiple techniques out there including some that I offer here.

Repressed Traumas
Trauma can get trapped in the body and cause pain.  This is similar to repressed emotions.  I offer some possibilities here on this site, and there are also multiple other techniques out there.


Blocked energy
I have pendants on me regularly, and this is just one of the many techniques.

Not allowing a part of oneself to be expressed
In order to address this, I had a constellation done by a friend of mine.  Constellations work with a person’s ancestors.  You could look at my friend’s website at  His name is Ross Goodine.

Loyalties to ancestors
Constellations can be done.  See my friend’s website above to get more information.

Denying your own Passion
It is good for one to allow themselves to get in touch with what makes their heart sing.  If not, there is a possibility that a part of you is not feeling able to express itself.