For information about the following services and products I offer, I invite you to click the links below to learn more.

Workshop: Awakening the Healer Within This workshop will ignite the awakening process, help you to connect with and deepen that relationship with teachings to enable each individual to encourage and continue that unfolding process.


Transformtive Healing Artwork Unique artwork which is infused with frequencies and/ or to shift energy patterns of their choosing.  My highest rule of thumb is to honor what wants to happen.


Meditation CD: Accessing the Power Within This CD has three separate meditations.  They all begin with a guided journey within your body that invites awareness and acceptance, and can lead to a profound shift.  Users have experienced pain reduction, focus, better sleep, body awareness, validation, and relaxation.


Chronic Pain Solutions My journey with Fibromyalgia, and what was helpful to me, as well as other natural solutions for aiding in healing for chronic pain.