The Gifts I Have to Offer You

I am an energy healer, teacher, alchemist, intuitive, family constellation facilitator and certified counselor.

As we experience life’s normal obstacles we are challenged to respond. Creating the resources that allow my clients to respond with ease is my life’s work.

I am able to bring about incredible changes for my clients: pain reduction, healing, emotional release and ancestral pattern shifting.

I am also an artist that creates sculptures, pendants, and wands that are infused with frequencies and/or to shift energy patterns.

When we have a block it is like a stone in the water – the river and debris gather around it creating a larger block. These blocks and patterns can show up in our lives as many different things: illness, pain and difficult situations.

I am gifted with the ability to see energies that hold blocks in place. When I shift the energy that holds a block in place the block falls away.


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