I have worked with many individuals, couples, and animals; here are just a few things people have said about my work . . .
~ Tracy


Tracy Davies’s healing pendants have been astounding in terms of the powerful healing properties emitted. When I began wearing mine, I immediately noticed a beautiful warm heat that emanated from the pendant and filled my heart chakra with the vibration of love. While I expected this to be a short term sensation, the pendant has continued to release this vibration and I find that when I wear it, I am much more grounded, peaceful and able to navigate a hectic pace in a relaxed and harmonious state.
Thank you Tracy for your amazing intuitive healing capacities!
Karen McGregor
International Speaker, Bestelling Author, Intuition Expert

I had to have surgery on my wisdom teeth as they were impacted.  At the time, the x-ray clearly showed that the nerves were all tangled around  the bone.   After only a couple sessions with Tracy to address the impacted wisdom teeth, when I had the procedure done, the nerves were no longer tangled around the bone.  The Doctors were dumbfounded and could not figure it out.  As a result the surgery was reduced significantly.                                                          Kate

The work Tracy does is fabulous.  The benefits are much more than expected.  I am always surprised at the sequence of events and how things fall into place and merge together.    I have worked with her on multiple issues and positive results each time.                                                                                                                                  Rebie

I got one of Tracy’s pendants, which my body chose.  It has taught me, for sure, to just let life work instead of being afraid and fighting it all the time.           Debbie Bow

I started working with Tracy a little over a year ago.  I began with one of her pendants to improve the growth of my business.  After only a month of wearing it, I gained more confidence in selling my services.  Within two months, I had several clients who were buying some of my highest priced packages.                                                                                                                                            Lori Stove, Intuitive Healer, It’s All Pawsitive


I had the worst menstrual cramps for about 6 years now. 3 days of the month I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t even sit up straight even with pain medication. After a month of working with Tracy, they have gotten significantly better. She worked with me through text messages almost every hour of the day, and regularly checked up on me. She listened to everything I had to say about my problem, adjusted the treatment method a couple times to find and even better and more fitting solution. I was able make myself breakfast on the first day! Looking forward to keep working with her.



“I had a constellation done at Tracy’s group in the presence of horses, on Sunday September 3rd. I really loved the experience. I had eczema on my hand for over a year. I tried everything to get rid of it. Nothing seemed to work. On Wednesday, the eczema layer fell off completely. Underneath was pink new skin. The eczema was completely gone.”



Thank you Tracy from the bottom of my heart for helping me recognize my soul potential and inner strength. I have experienced you hold the space for myself and others with compassion, wisdom and deep intuitive experience. You are mindful of each individuals personal journey and unique intuitive skills. I will highly recommend your healing services to others.

Namaste  Kristen Wiwczaruk


Since I had such amazing results from Tracy’s pendant, I decided to take one of her workshops called Awakening the Healer Within, Deepening the Relationship.  My life just seemed to unfold in all directions.  The negative situations in my life seemed to just give away and new opportunities were unfolding, including rescuing an amazing dog, buying a house of my dreams and getting engaged to a truly wonderful man.  Through Tracy’s exceptional knowledge, experience and definite gifts, she was able to get me through deep seeded issues lying in my past, that were compromising my future.

Lori Stove,    Intuitive Healer,  It’s All Pawsitive


Since I got my pendant, I have more energy.                                                                       CJ

I got a pendant for my dog and it cleared up her eye infection.                           Greg

I love the pendant I got from Tracy.  Since I started wearing it,things that usually bother me seem not as  important.  It has also helped with my asthma.  It helps calm me down and that helps my breathing.  I have felt than I have felt in a very long time.                                                                                                                           Suzanne Boonstra


I got three pendants to address being able to sell our island property.  We placed them in different spots of the house I live in.  The real estate agent had said island properties can take up to two years to sell.  After approximately one day, one of the pendants fell off the window.  Two days later an offer came in which was accepted.



Over a year and half ago, we were told by our vet that our ten year old dog would not have long to live.  He had an untreatable spine condition.  Tracy did a session and he has had a couple of pendants from her as well.  The improvement was remarkable.  He continues to enjoy his life.  We are so grateful to Tracy for her knowledge and skill.



June 7, 2009: At the beginning of May, I was in a downward financial spiral, beginning with a lay off that seemed to spark a series of unfortunate events causing further financial distress.  With a new apartment (my first away from home) and bills piling up, I wasn’t sure if I could make it or not.  This caused many sleepless nights dreading the thought of moving back home.  Within a few weeks of receiving my pendant, I had landed a temporary office position.  At the end of my first week, I came home to find $1100.00 in back up cheques waiting for me at my apartment.  This was money I was previously denied.  I find it much easier to sleep now, knowing there is help when we ask for it.

Thank you,



Hi There

My first experience in dabbling with universal consciousness, energy channeling and shifting via Tracy rendered an interaction that I probably will never forget. I was very stressed out at the time dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. I noticed that I could not concentrate; my mind was always racing and was constantly worrying. The worst part about it was that due to my stress factor it was affecting my health (e.g. constant pressure in my digestive area). When I spoke to Tracy about it she said that she noticed an imbalance in my energy and offered to help. As she started the process with me I could feel pressures within my body literally flowing, compressing, tingling and at times completely disappearing. When she approached my lower body (digestive area) I felt very heavy and she channeled my energies within time felt a tension release for I had sensations of this energy dispersing throughout my body. Although, my interaction with Tracy was not a typical one! Since our session was over the phone, I left it feeling I had a real sense of clarity- I felt so STRONG…my heart felt so STRONG… and in my core… it has lasted to this day.

Tracy is very gifted and talented being able to tap into this boundless consciousness. This particular field should be blessed and excited to have her as an integral part of the community. It has taken me weeks to process my thoughts, put them on paper and I still do not think I have given the experience or Tracy a true justice. My session with Tracy was spiritually uplifting…divine to say the least. I have tapped into the unknown. I will be able to proceed that much further next time knowing what I know, my strength and Tracy’s guidance. With her continual growth and self transformations within the universal consciousness it enables one to progress and others to reach new levels within their own universal realms.

Thank you Tracy for all that you have done!!

Ami Patel


Dear Tracy,

Just to let you know Tracy, that the treatments I got from you were really something, I could really feel you working inside me on the tumor. Your work was definitely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone.

Peace out



~ Winter 2007

I have a cancerous tumor. Tracy worked on my tumor daily from across the world. When Tracy would do different things within a treatment, I could feel things happen. Within minutes, she would reduce my pain level. Within a couple of weeks, the top of it had collapsed and the tumor therefore shrunk. I have a doctor overseeing all of my care and she is pleased so far. Within a couple of months, test showed that the tumor was dormat. I am absolutely amazed at the work she is able to do.



In the Early spring of 2007, I had a very bad Charlie horse preventing me from walking. Every time I walked it created a great deal of pain. My girlfriend told me to go see Tracy for a treatment, which I did. In the treatment, I felt very comfortable and safe. The session lasted about one hour. At the end, I was amazed with disbelief. With minimal physical contact, and no pills, only the touch of her hands, a majority of the pain was miraculously removed. I was then able to stand and walk without limping.

Sean Penzer


~ Summer 2006

Over the course of a course of a couple of weeks, two of my toes on my right foot had gotten very sore red and swollen. Tracy asked if she could do some work on them and I agreed to that. When she would do the work, sometimes I would feel small things, even though she never actually touched my foot. After each time she would do a treatment, which would only take a few minutes each time, my foot would warm up and the pain in my foot would diminish considerably. After a few treatments, the pain, swelling and redness had gone completely. This has not returned in any shape or form.

Joseph Bernard


I was at the ISSEEM Conference this June/July of 2009.  At Tracy’s booth, I allowed my body to choose a pendant that it felt connected to.  It was a very interesting experience to have.  I, however, was unsure about purchasing this pendant that my body had chosen.  I told Tracy I would think about it.  I felt I needed a very clear sign that I was meant to get this for myself.  In the conference, there was one more draw to be done which was for the two tickets to next year’s conference.  So I said to myself, or the universe, “If I am meant to get that pendant for myself, I will win that next draw for the free conference tickets,” I was very surprised to win it.  I felt I could not have gotten a clearer sign.  I went to my hotel room, feeling very impressed about this.  We were around 1,000 attendees, and there was only the one draw for the tickets, and I had won them!  I Iooked out the window and saw a butterfly fly by (Ever since I started developing my spirit, butterflies come by at opportune times).  I was amazed since my room was on the 11th floor!!!  I immediately went to share this story with Tracy and bought the pendant.  The journey has been a pleasant one knowing that I am guided all the way.



I love my pendant.  Since I started wearing it, things that usually would bother me seem not as important.  It has also helped with my asthma.  It helps calm me and that helps my breathing.  I have felt better than I have in a very long time.



The pendant I got for my dog cleared up her eye infection.



I am writing to express my gratitude to you for the pendant.  I have spent my life never really knowing what I wanted out of my life and just floating from place to place.  Since my body chose this pendant, what I want for my future has become much clearer and is getting clearer everyday.  It has helped me decide on a course of action and stick to it.  Plus, it has given me the clarity I’ve been looking for in regards to where I will end up in my personal life.  Thank you so very much for your help.  Having this pendant has been a real eye opening experience.  I look forward to everything becoming clearer as the pendant continues to do its work.

Wendy Martin


I tried just about everything to put on weight, including protien powders and eating as much as I could.  Nothing seemed to work.  After recieving my pendant, I managed to gain ten pounds in a couple of weeks.  In addition, it seems to make me happy.



I used to move through life with fear and fighting against it.  Since I have received my pendant, I am able to just let life work with patience.



My pendant, which only stays in my pocket as I do not wear jewelery seemed to give me an anchor of stabilization in a time of difficulty. It got warm when I had loving or thoughts, and cold when I had dark thoughts.  It has helped more in a couple of weeks than all the therapy I have done, throughout my life.

Thank you.


(Bob’s pendant was chosen over the phone.)


Since I got my pendant, I have more energy.  Thank you



The pendent my body chose is somehow magnetizing me, giving me strength, and confidence to move in the right direction for me.  In addition, it appears to be presenting opportunities, in that direction.



The pendant chosen by my body has improved my relationship with my mother.

Sandy Rogan


After my dog got her pendant, she appeared to be more playful.  She also seemed to be healthier and more in touch with her surroundings.  She used to be quite grumpy and snappy.  Now she seeks the other dogs out to play.  Thank you to Tracy’s caring and empathic ways.



My 12 1/2 year old black lab cross experienced ACL surgies on both her legs, an auto-immune arthritic condition in her joints, several growing fat lumps and more recently a mass in her belly.  In general, she is a happy girl who loves to run and has managed to remain joyful through her many challenges but this year she has slowed down considerably.

The introduction of a pendant made for her by Tracy does appear to have contributed to a higher energy level.  A couple of months ago she became very ill and the vet suggested euthanizing her, believing she had reached the end of her natural life span.  After about a week, during which she could not keep down her food, lost bladder control and bled with her urine, she gradually regained her normal healthier condition.

She is now romping around like a puppy again, is eating normally, and has regained her bladder control!  I had been doing some energy healing on her, but I can’t help believing that the pendant has been a contributing factor not just in her astounding recovery, but more notably in regained youthfulness.