Family Constellation

What is Family Constellation?

If an ancestor had a trauma that they were unable to process, it gets stuck in the system. Then because we want to belong and to help, we pick up that baggage, on a subconscious level. A Family Constellation helps us put that baggage down and still belong and get the support and blessings from our ancestors.

    • Family Constellation: $80.00
      (Covers initial constellation plus 5 Follow ups)


    • Package of 5 $315.00
      (Unlimited follow ups)
    • Group Constellations in the Presence of Horses    (weather permitting)     $15.00 to attend & $56.00 to have a constellation done.                                         This event is usually scheduled the first Sunday of each month.   Space is limited so please contact Tracy if you want to attend.
    • Energy Work:
      All energy work comes with support, grounding, & comfort as needed.


    • Set Up Fee: $135.00
      This package includes the first session and a glass ornament (that becomes you virtually.)  Over time, I will develop the steps which will add benefit to the effect of the package. This ornament (Package) will begin to address the issue and maybe that will be all that is needed.


    • Additional Energy Work:
      If you want to address the issue further, you may choose to proceed with and activate one or more of the steps of the package. If the issue is multilayered, you can purchase the entire package which start at $189. For larger packages, I will add extra discounts. If you choose to go with the full package, instead of one or more of the steps, the initial set up fee will be applied towards the cost of the package.


    • Note: You may want to have a piece in your possession or on your person to touch and feel, such as a pendant (all of these fall into energy work category) even outside a package.


Here is a list of those prices.

Meditation CD $19.95
Energy Clearing Bath Salts  $19.95
Any process $63 per hour
Pendant & Ear Cuff
 (Depending on what it is infused with)
Journal $189
Wands – Small $252
Wands – Medium $371
Wands – Large $450
Picture $63
Virtual Spot on a piece  $108
Everything Else includes: $371
Magic: Boxes
Piggy Banks
Metaphysical: Teapots
Biscuit Pots
Candy Dishes
Salt &  Pepper Shakers
Enchanted: Perfume
Incense Burners
Soap Dishes
Other: Unification Fields
Fairy Gardens