The Gifts I Have to Offer You

As we experience life’s normal obstacles we are challenged to respond. Creating the resources that allow my clients to respond with ease is my life’s work.

I work with healing energies in a completely unique way in order to bring about incredible changes for my clients: pain reduction, healing,  emotional release, and ancestral pattern shifting.

I have created a bespoke deck of cards that allow me to speak directly with your highest self as we navigate a healing path together.

I am also an artist that creates sculptures, pendants, and wands that are infused with frequencies and/or to shift energy patterns.

When we have a block it is like a stone in the water – the river and debris gather around it creating a larger block. My artwork and my energetic work are designed to help remove these blocks and the inevitable debris that has gathered around them.


About Tracy Rae Davies (nee Moore)

I am an energy healer, teacher, alchemist, intuitive, family constellation facilitator, and certified counsellor.

I am also gifted with the ability to see energies that hold blocks in place.  Sometimes that energy takes the form of a pattern. These blocks and patterns can show up in our lives as many different things: illness, pain, and difficult situations.  When I shift the energy that holds a block in place the block falls away and the energy dissipates.

Will this work for you? Many of my clients have an awareness that their challenge stems from a deeper underlying issue. Your job in this unfolding is to allow for the shift to happen and create space for it to unfold.

My spirit name, Red Helping Woman, was given to me by Melvin Grey Bear in a sacred ceremony. The colour red is the east door on the medicine wheel.  This door and the colour red represent new beginnings.  Red also represents the blood of the people.

My gift is that sacred vibration which opens the door for people to experience their own sacred energy and to facilitate the process for them to maximize their potential. My purpose is to assist others as they awaken to the healer within themselves.

In 2012 I had a vision, through a dream, instructing me to teach others to “Awaken the Healer Within”.  I began developing workshops in the Lower Mainland.   I now offer a monthly meditative healing circle that allows new and old initiates to experience my work in a supportive group setting.


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